Kyosho Trail King 1:12 Readyset EP Raupenfahrzeug (KT431S) - T2 Blau

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Beschreibung Explore the outdoors with the all-season adventure model!  ... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kyosho Trail King 1:12 Readyset EP Raupenfahrzeug (KT431S) - T2 Blau"


Explore the outdoors with the all-season adventure model!


The newest edition to the 1/12 scale electric belt vehicle series further enhances your outdoor experience. Kyosho’s long selling ‘Blizzard’ that has stood the test of time with a legion of loyal fans, has been used as a base for the new ‘Trail King’. Among its many features, a completely new body design creates the retro feel of a hard working machine. In addition to the realistic finish with separate accessory parts, the underbody incorporates a cockpit and always-on front and rear LED lights. A loading platform also provides space for a variety of things to be carried. The Trail King enhances the enjoyment of nostalgic wilderness experiences across a wide variety of scenes with a chassis boasting heavy-duty specifications for smooth and easy travel across any surface including uneven rocky roads and steep gradients. Take control with forward, reverse, left/right and the complete left/right pivot turning capability of a belt vehicle. As the model is fully pre-assembled, the advanced mechanics of the Trail King are ready to be enjoyed straight away. Compatibility with spare and optional parts for the Kyosho ‘Blizzard’ allows you to expand your enjoyment of the snow and sand adventures even further.

Truck Type design of the body is fully complete and ready to power over any surface. Injection molded accessory parts such as mirrors, wipers and loading platform combine with the underbody and driver’s seat to produce an incredible level of scale realism.
Two white LED lights on the front and two red LEDs on the rear (both always on) are equipped as standard and incorporated into the bumpers mounted on the chassis. No difficult disconnecting of the LED wiring is required when attaching and detaching the body.
Two-motor transmission produces the independent left/right control for flexible maneuverability and powerful drive of a belt vehicle. Simple box structure of the chassis provides easy maintenance and excellent durability.
The speed controller governing motor control not only supports nickel-metal hydride batteries but is also compatible with the lighter weight and higher power of lithium-polymer batteries
The large radio box is designed to accommodate your choice of speed controller and motor (max. dimensions for speed controller: L36 x W32 x H23mm).
Includes KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE nickel-metal hydride batteries (2200mAh) and USB charger compatible with NiMH and NiCd batteries. Simply purchase 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter and charge the included batteries for the chassis, and you’re ready to start enjoying the action.
Lightweight housing of the included 2.4GHZ KT-431S 4-channel stick transmitter allows extended use without fatigue. Slip-resistant design of the control sticks enables precision light-touch control. The 6-channel KR-632 receiver is also included.
Snow blade can be installed with additional parts so you can take the fun into a new dimension.
Other optional accessory parts are available to increase the scale finish and add individual style to your machine.

Technical Data

■Length 360mm
■Width 310mm
■Height 200mm
■Chassis Type Chain drive
■Weight 1,610g (With attached battery)
■Motor 370size Brushed motor×2
■Transmitter KT-431S
■Receiver KR-632

Kit Content

<Ready set contents>
●Completed chassis
●Completed chassis
●Battery for driving (KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE NiMH 2200)
●USB charger(Super plug type)
●Binding connector
●Tool(1.5mm Hex wrench)

Requirement to Run

●4 x AAA batteries for the transmitter

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